Episode 37: Bulletproof Workout Motivation – How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise & Guarantee That artwork
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Episode 37: Bulletproof Workout Motivation – How to Motivate Yourself to Exercise & Guarantee That

  • 48:45
  • May 22nd 2011

Exercise is an essential part of any weight loss program and to maintain an exercise program you must be able to manufacture workout motivation on command! In fact, I would feel confident in saying that no weight loss attempt will enjoy long-term success if exercise is not a major part of the program.

So why do 50% of the people who start an exercise program give up within 6 months of starting and how do we maintain our workout motivation?

In today's podcast, we will tackle the issue of how to motivate yourself to exercise, and equally important, how to find the workout motivation to virtually guarantee that you will never quit your exercise program... Why do we lose our workout motivation? In this audio podcast we tackle the 10 challenges to workout motivation thatA  causes us to give up and turn to the couch for comfort! No more! Learn How to Vaccinate Yourself Against Workout Motivation Once you learn these workout motivation poisons, you can guard against them by implementing some of the tactics and techniques that we recommend in the podcast. Our goal is to bring your attention to the things that demotivate you and result in abandonment of their exercise program and then give you the tools you need to stay the course for life.

After listening to this podcast you will have a 10-point checklist for lifelong exercise success! If you would like more tips on workout motivation and weight loss motivation in general, then check out Episode 5: Weight Loss Motivation - Achieving Your Fat Loss Goals.


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