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Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

Episode 38: Barriers to Weight Loss

  • 1:12:50
  • May 31st 2011

Helping people with weight loss is about finding their barriers to weight loss and helping them to devise a plan around those barriers. In today's podcast we accidentally cover this topic after we began discussing a question that Dr. Ray posted on Facebook. The question was...

"There are 2 people who are barriers to your healthy lifestyle...The first person is "You"...who is the 2nd person and why? (You must answer, you can not say that "I am the only person responsible"...is it your spouse, your kids, your boss, "the man", your lazy dog, your school, society as a whole? You must answer..."

The purpose of this question was not to turn us into people who blame others for our problems but to help us uncover our secret barriers to weight loss. As we force ourselves to answer this question, the real barriers to weight loss begin to materialize before our eyes. Once we recognize them, we can begin the work of accepting their existence and then devise systems and plans for eradicating or working around them. Don't Ignore Barriers to Weight Loss We live in a society that wants us to pretend that life is not difficult and that barriers do not exist if we think positive thoughts. Sometimes we have to accept the fact that life is sometimes complicated by barriers and obstacles. Devise Systems to Circumvent Barriers to Weight Loss Once we acknowledge our obstacles, the next step is to conspire against them by building systems within our lives to go around or over the walls. All too often barriers to weight loss lead to weight loss resistance, we look forward to bringing more tips and trick in future podcasts!


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