Episode 3a: Carbohydrates & Proteins – What You Need to Know – Part 1 artwork
Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

Episode 3a: Carbohydrates & Proteins – What You Need to Know – Part 1

  • 24:01
  • September 8th 2009

Are carbohydrates the enemy of weight loss? Is the Atkins program an effective way to lose weight? How much protein should we eat and how much is too much? In part 1 of "Carbohydrates & Proteins - What You Need to Know" we will tackle these questions and many others related to the "low-carb controversy".

Every weight loss expert out there seems to have a different opinion around the topic of carbohydrates and weight loss. In this episode we will attempt to dissect the controversy surrounding carbohydrates and get to what works.


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