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Episode 49: How to Suppress Appetite

  • 38:04
  • February 3rd 2012

In the podcast,A  How to Suppress Appetite, we give you six tips for bullet-proofing your life against the number one killer of weight loss programs...hunger.Many people fail to maintain their fat loss program simply because their efforts are overwhelmed by hunger and they have no idea how to suppress appetite! Before we focus on activity or cravings, we need to make sure that you know how to suppress appetite when you feel those nasty pangs.How to Suppress Appetite - 6 Steps to Managing Hunger PangsStep 1: Stick to a Schedule - By developing an eating schedule you can train the body when to be hungry.Step 2: Get Non-Starchy Fiber With EVERY Meal - We are designed to get our fiber from non-starchy sources such as fruits and vegetables, not grains. Step 3: Eat Plenty of Hunger-Eradicating Protein - Protein is the most important macronutrient to suppress your appetite. If you want to know how to suppress appetite, then consuming protein with each meal is one of the most important steps.Step 4: Choose Low-Glycemic, Non-Grain Carbohydrates - Eat carbohydrates, but choose non-grain, low-glycemic sources.Step 5: Prioritize High-Volume Foods - High volume foods are foods that provide plenty of food but are naturally low in calories. Spinach is a great example, containing just 7 calories per cup, compared to flour, which contains almost 500 calories per cup.Step 6: Use Protein Shakes to Fill the Gaps - Protein shakes are a convenient and fast way to provide nutrition to the body and curb your appetite.Once you understand how to suppress appetite by following the 6 steps provided in this podcast, you should know how to curb your appetite without the need for dangerous appetite suppressants. For more information on how to suppress appetite, be sure to listen to the podcast and take notes! If you haven't yet subscribed to our free podcast, please do, and don't forget to leave a review!


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