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Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

Episode 58: The 7 Core Guiding Principles Of Fat Loss

  • 42:48
  • September 17th 2012

In this episode, we teach you the 7 Core Guiding Principles of Cut the Fat that act as the framework by which we analyze the hordes of incoming weight loss tips, tricks, tactics, etc.

We consider this one of the most important episodes because these seven principles will help you to filter the endless influx of weight loss tips and tricks from coworkers, magazines, and diet books. By committing these principles to memory, you will take one big step closer to becoming your own fat loss and fitness expert!

The seven principles are:

Guiding Principle #1: There are only two reasons why youa€™re not losing weighta€¦either your program sucks or your follow-through sucks. Guiding Principle #2: Therea€™s Only One True Fat Loss Formulaa€¦Anda€¦Ita€™s Different For Everyone. Guiding Principle #3: Will Power Is An Exhaustible Resourcea€¦Nobody Is Immune to Willpower-Exhaustion Guiding Principle #4: Eat & Exercise to Change Your Hormonesa€¦Not to Manage Calories Guiding Principle #5: Without Self-Awareness, Nothing Works! Guiding Principle #6: There Are Calorie-Free Causes of Fat Storage Guiding Principle #7: A Successful Program Achieves Three Main Goals a€“ Changes Body Composition, Improves Health, & Improves Energy


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Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

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