Episode 61: Meal Replacements for Weight Loss – What’s Their Place artwork
Cut The Fat Weight Loss Podcast

Episode 61: Meal Replacements for Weight Loss – What’s Their Place

  • 42:40
  • November 9th 2012

Should you use meal replacements when trying to lose weight or are they just a crutch? If so, how do you get the most out of them?

In today's podcast episode, we cover the topic of the role of meal replacement shakes, how they differ from meal adjuvant shakes, and how to supercharge it all by making some minor changes to your meal replacement shakes.

Convenience is a key ingredient of long-term fat loss, and meal replacement shakes are a simple way to make life just a bit easier. We have to be honest with ourselves, sometimes we aren't going to take an hour to cook up a breakfast or go to the store to pick up a snack. Shakes allow us to mix or blend up a simple snack or meal in 5 minutes or less.

If, however, you make some common mistakes in building your meal replacement, you could actually inhibit fat burning, rather than improve it.


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