How OmicSoft Is Facilitating In-Depth Exploration Among NGS Datasets artwork
Data in Biotech

How OmicSoft Is Facilitating In-Depth Exploration Among NGS Datasets

  • S1E14
  • 34:44
  • February 28th 2024

This week's guest is Joseph Pearson, Global Product Manager of OmicSoft at QIAGEN, a global provider of sample-to-insight solutions that enable customers to gain valuable molecular insights.  

During this episode, we dive into OmicSoft, a powerful NGS analysis suite that can quickly explore and compare 500,000 curated omics samples from disease-related studies. Joseph outlines the challenges of acquiring and analysing NGS data sets, how customers can interact with OmicSoft data, and what he thinks of the build versus buy debate when selecting new bioinformatics tools.

Data in Biotech is a fortnightly podcast exploring how companies leverage data innovation in life sciences.

Chapter Markers:

[01:33] Joseph gives us a brief introduction to his career and how he got to the position that he has today. 

[03:39] Ross asks Joseph about QIAGEN and how OmicSoft complements the existing range of products the company already provides. 

[05:09] Joseph talks about the work that is going into their NGS datasets and how the company is extracting value from those datasets. 

[06:09] Ross asks Joseph about the types of customers that use this solution. 

[13:06] Joseph clarifies where the data underlying OmicSoft comes from.

[19:29] Ross asks Joseph how the company approaches educating the customer.

[22:44] Joseph explains the decision-making process that companies go through when deciding to either build or buy.

[27:15] Ross asks Joseph about the biggest challenges or criticisms people have about the platform. 

[31:07] Joseph explains how his biology background has shaped his view of the challenges he faces in his role in product management.

[34:11] Joseph tells us where we can find out more about OmicSoft and QIAGEN.


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Data in Biotech

Data in Biotech is a fortnightly podcast exploring how companies leverage data to drive innovation in life sciences. 

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