Challenging Behaviors in Dementia and the Reasons Why with Judy Cornish, Founder of the Dawn Method artwork
Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Challenging Behaviors in Dementia and the Reasons Why with Judy Cornish, Founder of the Dawn Method

  • E24
  • 1:03:27
  • August 12th 2021

Caregivers have innumerable questions when it comes to dealing with challenging behaviors throughout the dementia journey. From everyday issues with eating and sleeping and wanting to go home, to changes in personality and communication. Today I speak with Judy Cornish, elder law attorney, home care provider, and founder of The Dawn Method, a strength based, person centered approach to dementia care. 

Judy shares not only her techniques on dealing with these behaviors but also why they develop and how we as caregivers can learn to embrace not what is lost, but what is left. 

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Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Daughterhood The Podcast is hosted by Rosanne Corcoran, who's journey into caregiving began with a dementia diagnosis of her fiercely independent mother, opening the door to a 12-year journey into sandwich caregiving. She brings her authentic voice to each conversation and discusses challenges caregivers face with experts in all fields.

This monthly podcast aims to provide insight into navigating the healthcare system, resources, support, and community to caregivers. As Rosanne knows first hand, caregiving is filled with uphill challenges, stress and grief, while trying to do the best you can everyday. Every month she offers information, inspiration or even just a little company. Join her in Daughterhood.

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Rosanne Corcoran
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Rosanne cared for her mother over a 12 year span starting as a stealth caregiver, to full time caregiver, to in-home, sandwich caregiver for her mother’s final 6 years.

Rosanne created Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers after experiencing first-hand the stress and isolation caregiving brings along with the lack of meaningful resources for caregivers. The podcast cultivates a dynamic group of subject matter experts to help listeners navigate these uncharted, and many times, tumultuous waters.

The podcast’s subject matter has ranged from legal advice, to establishing boundaries, to end of life care, and the list continues to grow. Guests have included physicians, best-selling authors, dementia experts and more. Caregiving is inherently difficult and this podcast hopes to provide insight, resources, and skills to manage the challenges relating to caregiving, and to know you are not alone!

Rosanne has been featured in CNN Health, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Barron’s, Next Avenue and others. She is also a proud member of AlzAuthors. named Daughterhood the Podcast: For Caregivers #1 in their list of Essential Caregiver Podcasts. Rosanne also facilitates a monthly Daughterhood Circle as well as a monthly DAWN dementia support group.