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Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Brain Guide with Brooks Kenny

  • E21
  • 47:37
  • May 13th 2021

Brooks Kenny, Executive Director of the Women’s Network of Us Against Alzheimer's talks about their newly developed Brain Guide a free, comprehensive new platform that offers resources and questionnaire to assess our own brain health. At or 855-BRAIN-411

Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Daughterhood The Podcast is hosted by Rosanne Corcoran, who is a primary, sandwich, in-home caregiver. This monthly podcast aims to provide insight into navigating the healthcare system, resources, support, and community to those caring for their loved ones. As Rosanne knows first hand, caregiving is filled with uphill challenges, stress and grief, while trying to do the best for your loved one. Through this podcast, Rosanne offers information, inspiration or even just a little company. Join her, in Daugherhood.

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Rosanne Corcoran
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Rosanne is a primary, in-home, sandwich caregiver to her mother with dementia. She brings her empathetic view of caregiving to every conversation while providing practical information and resources along the way.