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Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Finding Meaning in Caregiving with Dr Allison Applebaum

  • E55
  • 1:01:05
  • March 14th 2024

Dr Allison Applebaum is an Associate Attending Psychologist in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK), and also the Founding Director of their Caregivers Clinic the first of its kind in any Comprehensive Cancer Center in the US. Dr Applebaum amplifies the voices of family caregivers in her scientific journals, editorials and her research which focuses on developing innovative ways to identify, prepare and support caregivers.

Through this work she also addresses the distress experienced as a result of increasing responsibilities. In Allison's new book, Stand By Me A Guide to Navigating Modern, Meaningful Caregiving. She brings not only her professional experience to the subject, but also her personal journey of caring for her beloved father, Stanley Applebaum. In our conversation today, we discuss her book, the experience of living in the in between as a family caregiver, and how caregivers can find meaning and purpose while juggling the responsibilities and emotional ups and downs.

Book - Stand By Me - A Guide to Navigating Modern, Meaningful Caregiving


Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers

Daughterhood The Podcast is hosted by Rosanne Corcoran, who's journey into caregiving began with a dementia diagnosis of her fiercely independent mother, opening the door to a 12-year journey into sandwich caregiving. She brings her authentic voice to each conversation and discusses challenges caregivers face with experts in all fields.

This monthly podcast aims to provide insight into navigating the healthcare system, resources, support, and community to caregivers. As Rosanne knows first hand, caregiving is filled with uphill challenges, stress and grief, while trying to do the best you can everyday. Every month she offers information, inspiration or even just a little company. Join her in Daughterhood.

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Rosanne Corcoran
Host and Creator of Daughterhood The Podcast

Rosanne cared for her mother over a 12-year span, from supportive caregiver to in-home, sandwich caregiver for her mother’s final 6 years.

After experiencing first-hand the stress and isolation caregiving brings along with the lack of meaningful resources for caregivers, Rosanne created Daughterhood The Podcast: For Caregivers. 

In each monthly podcast, Rosanne carries her experience as a primary in-home caregiver and Daughterhood Circle Leader into each interview. Along with strategies and resources, this podcast also provides listeners with the comfort of knowing they are not facing these challenges alone.

The podcast’s subject matter has ranged from practical advice like dealing with dementia behaviors, to siblings and caregiving, to end of life issues, grief and everything in between. Guests have included physicians, best-selling authors, dementia experts, caregiving advocates and thought leaders. 

Rosanne has been featured in CNN Health, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Barron’s, Next Avenue and others. She is also a proud member of AlzAuthors.

Next Avenue named her one of their Influencers on Aging 2024 and named Daughterhood the Podcast: For Caregivers #1 in their list of Essential Caregiver Podcasts. Rosanne also facilitates multiple Daughterhood Circles monthly.