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The David Lee Martin Show - Holy Ghost Encouragement For Christian Creatives

169 Christian Creative Life & Pioneering Podcasts With Thomas Umstattd Jr.

  • S2E169
  • 33:33
  • November 11th 2021

Thomas is a passionate Christian and an award-winning speaker. Online and on stage he teaches audiences all over the world. His friendly speaking style blends multimedia and audience participation. He offers audiences a unique perspective to help them use the web in a whole new way.

As a podcaster, he hosts the Novel Marketing Podcast, and the Christian Publishing Show

The David Lee Martin Show - Daily Encouragement For Christian Creatives

Straight up encouragement to help you discover your awesome and share your worth to the ends of the earth. You have a message to be shared and your voice needs to heard. That's what this show is all about!


Meet the Hosts

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David Lee Martin
Dad, Husband, and Digital Shepherd

    Hey there, I’m David.

    I’m a digital shepherd.

    I help Christian authors, artists, and entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into online publications, courses, and digital products.

    Your message needs to be heard, your value needs to be shared. I love to help people do that!

    After 20+ years in full time ministry as church planters and pastors, we burn with a call to “equip the saints for works of ministry”. The best way we know to do that is to help you recognise your worth and share it with the world.