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Deadly Departed

Being Thankful Through Awareness and Gratitude

  • E36
  • 13:37
  • May 15th 2020

Being Thankful Through Awareness and Gratitude: We often take for granted the small things and so we are changing things up and starting to look at our awareness and how we become more mindful of the moments and in particular your present moment. Becoming aware of you and your environment and your life is one step closer in mindful awareness at a deeper level.

Deadly Departed

Jock Brocas is the author of "Deadly Departed - The Do's Don'ts and Dangers Of Afterlife Communication" A best selling spiritual classic regarding the afterlife and afterlife dangers. He is also a renowned evidential medium and president of the ASSMPI. This podcast will deal with everything from the afterlife, the paranormal to grief and beyond. Contact [email protected]

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Jock Brocas
Author, Paranormal Researcher and Evidential Medium

Jock Brocas is an internationally respected Author, Medium and is considered an authority in the Afterlife. Jock writes for many international magazines and has appeared in global media.