Become career confident with Helen Green artwork

Become career confident with Helen Green

  • S2E206
  • 24:46
  • April 28th 2022

Where are you in your career? High school? University? Mid life change?

No matter what life stage you're in, Helen is can point you in the right direction. She gives honest, sage guidance on course selection, the interview process, social media profiles and helping people find what career suits them.

In her words 'It is all about YOU'.


Debra Pascoe is known to most as a designer, an expert in the field of colour and trends. She is passionate about finding solutions, assisting others, finding elegant solutions for each client. She has worked in and out of the corporate sector and as director of her own business for 25 years.

However, in recent years, her focus has shifted to assisting people in a new way, using the design principals she knows so well, to help them redesign their lives.

Regardless of background, or degree of career success, dealing with major life changing events can knock even the toughest of us around. Debra will be the first to admit how hard it actually is.

After a major setback, many people understandably struggle with:

  • knowing where to start
  • deciding which way to turn
  • working out who to go to for help
  • understanding how long it’s going to take
  • managing everyday stuff simultaneously with recovery

They often make the classic mistake of depending too much on their friends for guidance, then wondering why they aren’t improving.

It’s time to take a holistic, intelligent view on healing, and turn adversity into growth. Debra believes this is possible when people want to improve and are ready to get to put the effort in.

They say time heals all wounds, but she says time helps but it doesn’t heal.

Together it’s time to start feeling great again, to turn the corner.

To create the life you deserve.