Day 48 & 49 - Leaving EBC for the last time artwork
Deep Roots

Day 48 & 49 - Leaving EBC for the last time

  • S2E38
  • 19:09
  • June 20th 2021

4 lite lamposts and a can of Guinness in an empty Irish Bar.

Damian is not making his way down from Everest Base Camp in a bid to get home as soon as possible.

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Deep Roots

Welcome to the Adventure, Welcome to Deep Roots

The mission with Deep Roots is to share my journey to self realisation through the vehicle of extreme adventures and expeditions. The deepening of oneself through toil and hardship, dreams and purpose, and the pursuit of my physical, mental and emotional edges throughout the four corners of our incredible planet, surrounded and challenged by nature's wonders. 

   - Damian Browne

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