BlogOn Conference 2019 - Interviews
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BlogOn Conference 2019 - Interviews
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On this episode, I am live from the BlogOn Conference 2019.

I was very kindly asked to come and speak about podcasting at the event which is full of brilliant bloggers and content creators.

I was also privileged enough to get the opportunity to speak to a small selection of these people, where we talked about blogging and their experiences at BlogOn event.

If you are a blogger or content creator then BlogOn is the place to be and I'm sure this episode will inspire an aspiring bloggers to start writing.

To find out more about BlogOn you can go to their website.

This episode was very kindly made possible thanks to Blue Microphones, you should check out their range of amazing podcasting microphones.

Next episode I will be bringing you the very talk that I made at the BlogOn conference all about "Creating an Amazing Podcast"

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