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Digital Marketing Punkcast: Cheeky Bytes

Business Expo Wigan - Launch Events

  • S1E22
  • 15:56
  • November 18th 2019

It's been a busy, busy week.

Lots happening at my day job agency Ina4 as we've gone through a large re-branding project of which I am now very, very happy with.

On top of this we attended the fantastic Business Expo Wigan organised by the brilliant Launch Events.

I had the opportunity to interview the organisers, Nichola Howard and Jo Leigh as we talked about what they are doing and what they have offered Wigan!

Digital Marketing Punkcast: Cheeky Bytes

Welcome to SERIES 2 and the Punkcast is all changed!

Get the answers to all your digital marketing questions in cheeky bite-sized podcast chunks.

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a digital marketing director for an digital agency in Wigan and I want to help you make better marketing choices!

If you are setting up on your own, going freelance or perhaps your a blogger. You will want to be maximising your knowledge of digital marketing.

BUT! We are all SUPER busy! That's where these 'cheeky bytes' come in I will answering the digital marketing questions I get asked everyday, plus I'll be answering the questions that you send me. All in under 10 minutes each episode!

If you can spare 10 minutes a day, super charging your digital marketing it will help you grow.

As always with the Digital Marketing Punkcast, there will be no bulls**t and no digital voodoo. Just simple actionable advice and answers to your questions.

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