The Wolf has Spoken artwork

The Wolf has Spoken

  • S1E104
  • 26:08
  • August 22nd 2020

Cheating is not cheating is a guide to helping women understand the nature of a man as well as helping men understand the nature of themselves. With this book, it is in my intention to provide a solution to common relationship problems through teaching healing, and providing readers with an understanding of themself and their spouse. STOP! Before you even begin to read this book, there are a few things I want to establish right here! This is not a book on equality or human rights. This is not a book on who's right or who's wrong. This is not a book on men vs. women. This is not a book on your personal experiences. This is not a book on how we wish things could be. This is a book on how things are. This is a book based on authentic human behavioral studies, tendencies, and observations in and out of relationships, as well as transitioning between relationships


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