Ashley-Lauren Elrod - DivaDance® NYC artwork
Community Time

Ashley-Lauren Elrod - DivaDance® NYC

  • S1E6
  • 27:42
  • June 18th 2021

As we continue to celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month, we talk to Ashley-Lauren Elrod from our amazing DivaDance® NYC clients. She's been in some of our online class videos, and a client for over two years. Not only is Ashley a vibrant member of the DivaDance community, but she's also an accomplished singer/musician and runs her own casting company called Visionary Woman Productions.

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Community Time

COMMUNITY TIME is a podcast for the DivaDance community, hosted by DivaDance Founder/CEO Jami Stigliano. We'll hear from instructors, clients, franchise partners, and the DivaDance corporate team - interesting folks who have made the DivaDance "squad" what it is. We'll talk about their experiences outside of the studio along with music, dance, and pop culture, and most importantly we're going to have a lot of fun. Welcome to.... COMMUNITY TIME.