Natalie Moore, Owner of DivaDance® Sarasota
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Natalie Moore, Owner of DivaDance® Sarasota
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So this episode is not what we expected our next topic to be. We had a whole plan for instructor interviews, client interviews, clients asking questions like, "Which Spice Girl are you?" But given what's happening in the world, we felt it urgent and important to record a little something for our community that speaks to the uncertainty and overwhelm of COVID-19 that we know we're all feeling.

Meet Natalie Moore, who is a certified registered nurse anesthetist. She's also a mom, an instructor, and a newly-minted franchise owner of DivaDance® Sarasota

We have a responsibility to our community, nationwide, to educate and empower them so that we can do our part to get to the finish line of this coronavirus crisis faster, but at the same time, I know we are all trying to find our temporary new normal. Normal to me means still trying to find humor and light in anything we're experiencing. So if it's okay with you, we'd like to laugh a little during this episode, but by the way, it's also okay if you cry.

DivaDance® franchise opportunities available in select cities. For more info, visit divadancefranchise.com

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