Rebecca Thompson, PRIDE Committee Member, DivaDance® Chicago artwork
Community Time

Rebecca Thompson, PRIDE Committee Member, DivaDance® Chicago

  • S1E4
  • 34:24
  • June 1st 2020

This month, we’re celebrating PRIDE at DivaDance. 

What we love most about Pride month is that it brings ALL people together. Pride is colorful, fun, full of love, and that’s what we hope DivaDance embodies as well! We really celebrate Pride YEAR ROUND! 

This year, knowing that most folks wouldn’t be able to celebrate Pride how they normally would, we felt we had a chance to bring Pride into people’s homes through our live streaming class and through virtual events. But rather than our HQ make all the programming selections, we assembled a Committee, made up of folks who are part of DivaDance that are also passionate about celebrating the LGBTQ+- to create an authentic and fun virtual celebration for the DivaDance community and beyond!

Let's welcome REBECCA THOMPSON (she/her) from our Chicago squad, who is a member of the first-ever PRIDE Committee.

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Community Time

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