Diversity Be Like...Decolonizing Wealth artwork
Diversity Be Like

Diversity Be Like...Decolonizing Wealth

  • S2E4
  • 1:02:19
  • March 10th 2022

In today’s episode, Sequoia Houston talks to Edgar Villanueva about the wealth gap for BIPOCs, why healing is important to not only underrepresented communities but for us all and the erasure of Native stories, both historical and modern.

Edgar is a globally recognized author, activist, and expert on social justice and philanthropy. He is also the author of the bestselling book decolonizing wealth and is the founder and principal of the Decolonizing Wealth Project and liberated capital. 

Diversity Be Like

In this podcast, our host, Sequoia Houston, explores the nuanced dynamics of diversity and what true diversity looks like.

Enjoy interviews with industry leading experts as they discuss challenges associated with diversity in various forms, why diversity is important and what we can all do to foster a culture that is committed to authentic diversity, equity, inclusion and respect.