DJAY Radio - guest DJ Rocco
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DJAY Radio - guest DJ Rocco
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Hello and welcome to DJAY Radio and The DJAY Radio Podcast with its 5th installment. I’m your host Al Ybarra also known as DJ AL B Bad - The Bad Boy of Internet Radio!

Remember you can find us directly on our website located at DJRadio.com - DJAY Radio, where the acronym D.J.A.Y. stands for DJ AL Ybarra.

On today’s episode we are featuring a guest DJ. We tried to get him in the studio to do a LIVE interview, however, scheduling got the best of both of us - but stay tuned for the raincheck on the interview as it will be forthcoming, most likely in a part 2 of this installment.

So today’s guest DJ is an established remixer and producer and he goes by the name

DJ Rocco - for now you can find out more information on his website located at djrocco.net

DJ Rocco puts together some awesome House and Deep House Remixes of current, past, and original work.

So without further adieu, DJAY Radio and The DJAY Radio Podcast presents Guest DJ, DJ Rocco in the Mix!

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