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Dr. Paul's Family Talk

ANGELA LEGH, Author (1-19-22)

  • 36:52
  • January 19th 2022

ANGELA LEGH, an author and self-development mentor living in New Mexico, will join us to share all that she has been through and has done, and to discuss her popular children's book series, "The Bella Santini Chronicles", as well as her online course, "Live! Love! Laugh!" that connects adults with curiosity, wonder, and playfulness. 


"Children are learning, growing, and testing their boundaries throughout their childhood. At times this boundary testing can be very stressful for parents. Unfortunately, many parents are not equipped to deal with their children's emotional breakdowns. We weren't taught how to deal with our own emotions, much less the emotions of our children.

When we provide our children with tools and techniques they can implement to smooth out the wrinkles in their daily life; they thrive. Children will not likely read self-help books, but they will read stories. By reading the Bella Santini Chronicles, your child will be better able to deal with the adversity of life."

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