AVIGAIL GIMPEL, ADHD Author/Expert (8-3-22) artwork
Dr. Paul's Family Talk

AVIGAIL GIMPEL, ADHD Author/Expert (8-3-22)

  • 48:59
  • August 3rd 2022

AVIGAIL GIMPEL, currently living in Israel, and the author of "HyperHealing", will join us to discuss her results from over twenty-five years of research, development, and application of cutting-edge intervention programs for her clients, children, and hundreds of students, with regard to ADHD. She will be presenting hands-on skills and information that we have never heard before!


"I am a College lecturer, practitioner in private practice, parent educator, and author of HyperHealing. Married for 20 happy glorious years, and a mother of six beautiful children, (ages 7-19).

I began my career as a special education teacher in an inclusion classroom, with children of all ability levels, unique gifts and challenges. I loved all my students, but the most intriguing were the students with “special energy”, the ones who were trying to drink from a waterfall instead of a glass. The ones who dreamed all day, but then said something that no one else thought of. The ones whose engines ran on instant gratification, and had not developed habits and routines to focus their explosive energy. They were creative, funny, out of the box and… struggling. They had trouble with follow-through, organization, social skills, routine and emotional regulation. It was time to fill their tool kit with strong skills and habits. I developed an intervention program full of novelty, discovery, structure, responsibility, routine, and faith in each child’s ability. My special energy kids began to flourish.​

The second wave of my career launched when my children were receiving ADHD diagnosis one after the next. While neurologists insisted that my children had a chronic brain disorder which could be “cured” or managed through the use of stimulant medication, it did not seem that my children’s struggles were due to a Ritalin deficiency. Now that my own children were being affected by ADHD, I left no stone unturned in my quest for deeper understanding and solutions."


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