CHRISTINE HANDY, Model/Author (4-25-22) artwork
Dr. Paul's Family Talk

CHRISTINE HANDY, Model/Author (4-25-22)

  • 51:41
  • April 25th 2022

CHRISTINE HANDY, a long time fashion model from Miami, Florida, who has lived through medical nightmare after medical nightmare, will join us to discuss her journey, her trials and tribulations, and her Amazon bestselling book that tells all, "Walk Beside Me: A Novel". 


A mother of two, a breast cancer survivor, International speaker, accomplished model, Best selling author, and a Nationally recognized Humanitarian. Christine Handy has seen it all and has overcome all odds. Christine’s motto is: There is always Purpose in Pain, but we have to be willing to share the story. Her life-long passion for writing has finally come full circle with an incredible story to share.

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