DEBBIE ELICKSEN, Sports Reporter/Digital Media/Author (6-29-22) artwork
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DEBBIE ELICKSEN, Sports Reporter/Digital Media/Author (6-29-22)

  • 47:25
  • June 29th 2022

DEBBIE ELICKSEN, from Calgary, Alberta, a sports reporter, the first female president of a football conference in Canada, a business owner, the 'go to person' for self publishing books, the PR director for the Triple A farm team of the California Angels, an author of 16 published books, and so much more, will join us to discuss her amazing career!


"For 10 years, I was known as the go-to-person to get your book published. It was a job description I invented that didn’t exist. As a result, I worked on over 150 books for self-published authors and traditional publishers, including a few bestsellers. I personally wrote and published 17 books, many from behind the scenes of pro and elite sports from the player/staff/media perspective.I conducted numerous workshops, training sessions, and keynotes on how to use digital media to improve literacy, marketing, and create products with.  

Over the years, I have interviewed over 3,000 professional athletes during my career as a sports reporter and written thousands of articles for the Calgary Herald and other publications.

Using my media, copywriting, publishing, and journalism background, I’ve also planned and managed several high-profile events and helped create earned media for numerous projects."

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