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DOROTHY ROSBY, Syndicated Humor Columnist/Author (7-27-22)

  • 50:43
  • July 27th 2022

DOROTHY ROSBY, a humor columnist (currently in 38 newspapers!) and author from South Dakota, will join us to discuss her unique and humorous looks at life, as well as to discuss her books, "I Used to Think I Was Not That Bad and Then I Got to Know Me Better", "Alexa’s a Spy and Other Things to Be Ticked off About, Humorous Essays on the Hassles of Our Time", and "I Didn’t Know You Could Make Birthday Cake from Scratch, Parenting Blunders from Cradle to Empty Nest". Her new upcoming release, entitled, "‘Tis the Season to Feel Inadequate, Holidays, Special Occasions and Other Times Our Celebrations Get Out of Hand" will be out in November. 


"I love talking about the writing life and all aspects of humor including humor writing and finding humor in difficult times. My next book, ‘Tis the Season to Feel Inadequate, is a humorous take on the way we Americans create celebrations for everything then turn them into a chores, or worse, nightmares. ’Tis the Season to Feel Inadequate is a collection of humorous pieces about holidays, special occasions and other times our celebrations make us feel not-so-celebratory. It’s understanding for those who think Christmas form letters can be honest—or they can be interesting. And it’s empathy for anyone who’s ever gotten poison ivy during Nude Recreation Week or eaten all their Halloween candy and had to hand out instant oatmeal packets to their trick-or-treaters. I love to talk about all of that too! 

I live in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, 20 miles from Mount Rushmore, something I'm very proud of though I'm not on it.

Dorothy Rosby is an author and syndicated humor columnist whose work appears in publications throughout the West and Midwest. You can see the list on the editor’s page. If your local newspaper doesn’t run her column and you think (as we do) that it should, pass her name on to them. She’d love to hear from you if you enjoy her blog—not so much if you don’t. Kidding! (Sort of.)"

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