GAYLE WEILL, LCSW - Parenting, Adoption, and More! (4-10-24) artwork
Dr. Paul's Family Talk

GAYLE WEILL, LCSW - Parenting, Adoption, and More! (4-10-24)

  • 59:47
  • April 10th 2024

GAYLE WEILL, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker from Maryland, will join us today to discuss mental health, as well as her specialties, which include anxiety, relationships, parenting, and adoption.


"You know there’s something keeping you from your best life. I’m here to help you figure out what that “something” is.

I work with women who want to overcome feelings of anxiety, kick parenting stress to the curb, navigate issues related to adoption, and learn how to communicate better with the people they love. 

You may have spent a long time working through these things on your own: you’ve journaled, reflected, and tried to understand what’s going on under the surface. Now, you’re looking for someone who can help you go deeper, to provide the perspective & feedback you need to change your life and relationships. You’re not expecting a magic wand—you’re expecting someone who will dig in with you.

​That’s exactly what I’m here to do."

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