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Dr. Paul's Family Talk

Maddie Kelley, Author (1-17-22)

  • 36:02
  • January 17th 2022

MADDIE KELLEY, an author from Macau, will join us to discuss her latest release of poetry, 'What I Gave You', her book about taking "...a bumpy ride through the twenty-somethings — first loves, first tastes of freedom, first heartbreaks, and first understandings of your life’s purpose".


"Hi, I’m Maddie Kelley ! I like to think of myself as the Elle Woods of the office. At my previous job with Disney, I experienced the joy of making magic . I carry that mentality with me everywhere I go, including my current position as a project manager building attractions in China . Making things that move people is at the heart of everything that I do, especially in my latest work as a published author.

Writing is more than just a hobby for me. It’s who I am; an introvert who bares her heart on the page. My greatest hope is that by sharing my experiences with all of you, you will feel a little less alone when the going gets tough . I invite you to hop on this journey of life with me. I’m all about good food, good wine, cool places and good books. Let’s be friends, follow me on Insta and YouTube so we can hang out!."

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