DEAN MATT/SHANNON YEAGER, Pickleball Enthusiasts (2-15-23) artwork
Dr. Paul's Family Talk

DEAN MATT/SHANNON YEAGER, Pickleball Enthusiasts (2-15-23)

  • 32:14
  • February 15th 2023

DEAN MATT and SHANNON YEAGER, two Pickleball aficionados and private pilots, will join us to discuss the world of Pickleball, and their upcoming journey round the country to play 48 matches in 48 states in less than 48 days!


"In Spring/Summer 2023, two Sarasota-somethings Dean Matt (aka MuchoDeanAero, aka The Pickleball Pilot) and Shannon Yeager, fellow pilots, and pickleball addicts/instructors are preparing to set a World Record: 

Fastest Time to Complete 48 Pickleball Matches in 48 States

The route is still being finalized but is tentatively as shown below. The Event will start in FL (Sarasota or Naples). Most days, we will play two Pickleball Matches in two different states; some days: Three! We'll fly in our own plane making 48 stops along the way. There will be local and national media opportunities as we progress along our quest."

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