WENDY MARQUENIE, Author (1-24-22) artwork
Dr. Paul's Family Talk

WENDY MARQUENIE, Author (1-24-22)

  • 30:29
  • January 24th 2022

WENDY MARQUENIE, a bestselling children's author from Australia, will join us to discuss her "Genius and His Friends" series, with books that aim to "... share a world where children are encouraged to tap into the power of their own minds through stories and activities".​


"Inner Genius creator Wendy Marquenie is a mind strength coach for children with a passion for helping people embrace their potential by unlocking the inner genius within.Wendy has studied personal development for almost a decade and is a certified Proctor Gallagher Consultant and certified Soul Kids Coach.

An international best-selling author, Wendy created Genius & Friends, along with their corresponding educational programs, to empower children as they explore their mind and the world around them."


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