E68: Roland Gossage - Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors With Advanced Site Search & Personalisation artwork
[email protected] with Richard Hill

E68: Roland Gossage - Gain An Edge Over Your Competitors With Advanced Site Search & Personalisation

  • E68
  • 31:18
  • July 26th 2021

Roland has worked in the retail space for the last 20 years, the last 15 of those specifically being in eCommerce. In 2013 he became the CEO of GroupBy, a 70-strong team of conversion specialists based in Toronto who are dedicated to boosting the sales of eCommerce sites with their suite of eCommerce tools. 

Roland is committed to creating seamless omni-channel experiences and improving existing eCommerce experiences and has done so for some of America’s largest companies including Bed Bath & Beyond and CVS Pharmacy. 

In this episode, he explains how to improve the customer journey on your site with search and navigation, how to get started with creating a more personalised experience, as well as how to use the data you collect within your brick and mortar store to create an improved experience online. 

Roland shares some great quick wins you can start implementing to your site straight away to immediately improve your site experience, so get listening and use these tips to really ramp up your conversions!

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