5 of The Best Leadership Podcasts for Youth Pastors
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5 of The Best Leadership Podcasts for Youth Pastors
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The concept of podcasting has been around since the 1980s, but the popularity of podcasts has grown exponentially in the last 10 years. We are obviously fans. Why? Because I can grow as a leader as I rake the leaves. In this episode, we share 5 of the best leadership podcasts for you pastors.

Mentioned in the episode:

  • CNLP 004: Why Young People Are Walking Away from the Church & What You Can Do About It — An Interview with Kara Powell.
  • CNLP 222: Patrick Lencioni on Saying No to Steve Jobs, Motivating Millennial Workers and The Three Qualities You Need to Look for to Create the Ideal Team. 
  • Episode 01Hacks on Talking About Porn, Homosexuality, and Other Tough Topics
  • RYM 044Engaging Unengaged Students in Youth Ministry
  • RYM 023How to Make The Most of Your Student Mission Trips 
  • Need to figure out how to measure success on social media? There’s a four minute podcast to help you get started.
  • Want to better connect with visitors? Here’s a six minute podcast about that.

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