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Eddy LIVE Show #60, Royal Chiou, Entrepreneur

  • S1E60
  • 2:02:10
  • November 26th 2020

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#RoyalChiou is an quite an accomplished #entrepreneur!

Royal Chiou是一位相當有成就的創業家!

He‘s the founder of the #PROFC, a live MMA organization in Taipei, the founder of #DynastyTaipei a high end fitness center/social club, and he just received an award for Prestige Taiwan’s 40 Under 40!

他是台北的MMA運動聯盟PROFC的創辦人、Dynasty皇家官邸健身俱樂部的創辦人、他同時被選為Prestige Taiwan選為40 UNDER 40菁英領袖之一!

Royal also practices what he preaches training MMA himself and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.


Join us LIVE tonight at 7pm Taipei time to interview Royal Chiou about his entrepreneurial journey while we grab a pint and some spicy hot wings.

今晚快跟著我們一起,一邊吃辣雞翅喝啤酒、一邊聽Royal Chiou分享他的創業旅程

Eddy just made a new batch of orange sauce using Carolina reapers so that should be fun.

本集亮點:這次Eddy還特別用到了他新做的橘色辣醬,裡頭用了「Carolina reapers(卡羅萊納死神椒)」


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