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Eddy LIVE Podcast (ELP)

Eddy.LIVE Show #86, Steff Liew, Influencer/ Host Spice Travel

  • S1E86
  • 39:52
  • May 29th 2021

Steff Liew is a long time influencer and she is currently a host for the famous #SpiceTravel YouTube channel in #Taiwan. Get to know Steff a little better in this short, #covid remote editionn of the #eddylive show.

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Eddy LIVE Podcast (ELP)

(中文在下方)Hey there, I'm a restaurant owner and I started this Podcast because I love to meet new people!

To be honest I grew up super introverted and I really came out of my shell when I moved to Asia around 20 years ago.

Now that I have a restaurant and a podcast, we livestream weekly from my restaurant.

I love to share the stories of people that I meet in Taiwan and I hope you enjoy them too!

From Pro MMA fighters to Globe Trekkers, CEOs to Street Vendors, Entrepreneurs to Professors, YouTubers to Soccer Coaches, we love a good story!

Eddy LIVE is a platform for you, the viewers to meet other cool people out here in Taiwan and Asia doing amazing things.

Eddy LIVE is the platform for you to share your Taiwan or Asia story with the world!

Please share the Podcast and subscribe to our channel if you enjoyed the show. 


P.S. If you are ever around, swing by and catch a show live!






Eddy LIVE是一個很酷的平台,它讓你和我的觀眾能間接認識在台灣和亞洲發生的各個有趣事情的人。

Eddy LIVE是一個分享你的台灣或亞洲故事給全世界的平台!




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