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Eddy.LIVE Show ep. 102 Francesca Chang, Taiwan Travel Blogger and Career Coach

  • S2E102
  • 1:13:39
  • September 17th 2021

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Francesca Chang decided to drop her ultra-successful lawyer career in the states and chase her dreams of traveling and blogging in Taiwan. She has become a well-known Taiwan Travel Blogger and also a Career Coach here in Taiwan. We will answer your questions live so bring as many as you can and we will also bring back the #wingchallenge live from #eddyscantina with the #eddylive show.

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Being a restaurant owner, Eddy Gonzalez is fortunate enough to meet people from all walks of life.

From Pro MMA fighters to Globe Trekkers, CEO's to Street Vendors, Entrepreneurs to Professors, YouTubers to Certified Soccer Coaches!

We get to hear all of their stories and we want to share them with you, LIVE, unedited and while we munch on Hot Wings!

We have Episodes in both English and Mandarin Chinese!

Eddy LIVE is a platform for you, the viewers to meet other cool people out here in Taiwan and Asia doing amazing things.

Eddy LIVE is the platform for you to share your Taiwan or Asia story to the world!

Most of you that know me (Eddy), know that I am a restaurant owner, entrepreneur and all-round positive happy guy.

I am blessed to get to meet people in my restaurants that are just amazing, doing amazing things and from all walks of life.

I am here to share these wonderful stories with the world.

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