Episode #62, Esther Chen, Comedian 陳詠涵 artwork

Episode #62, Esther Chen, Comedian 陳詠涵

  • S1E62
  • 2:15:49
  • December 9th 2020

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#EstherChen is #Taiwan 's most decorated female comedian.

Esther Chen #陳詠涵 是台灣最亮眼的喜劇女演員

She got a lot of her #Standupcomedian experience in the USA however you can now find her performing locally all over Taiwan and she has become a staple at the newly opened bilingual 23 Comedy Club.

她在美國有多場 Standup喜劇秀演出,近期她在台灣也有許多精彩的演出,包括台北知名喜劇酒吧「Two Three Comedy - 23喜劇」

Join us for a special lunchtime edition of the #EddyLive show while we find out how Esther Chen was not only able to survive, but thrive in this notoriously difficult profession.

加入我們的午間直播吧! 一起來聽聽看 陳詠涵是如何在充滿競爭的行業中存活下來

Also learn the differences between American and Taiwanese comedy!


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