Casey Carpenter -- How to Navigate the Leadership Track When Everybody’s on Video. artwork
ELEVATE --- Valda Ford & Rochelle Rice

Casey Carpenter -- How to Navigate the Leadership Track When Everybody’s on Video.

  • 24:34
  • April 18th 2021

Casey is a speaker, author, leadership development expert and executive coach. During her career she closed millions of dollars in sales yet had humble beginnings. An introvert and reformed wallflower, she almost was fired from her first sales job by being a slow learner on insurance industry concepts. Additionally, the company required that sales reps memorize and deliver a nine-page speech verbatim. Casey saved her job when she excelled delivering the presentation and won a district-level speech competition. She stumbled onto a key realization – when you master your speaking and presence, you can win over any room, anywhere. She went on to smash sales records, enjoyed promotions and spent the latter part of her corporate career training and mentoring others.

Casey was a senior leader at Aetna, Cigna, and Sunrise Senior Living. At EmblemHealth she trained a sales force of several hundred and coached leaders and high potentials to improve their performance. Currently CEO & Founder of Speak & Own It Communications, she works with women executives across all industries to connect, lead, pitch, and speak and own every room in the virtual world.

When she’s not working on her enterprise, Casey is a Pitch Coach for inner city entrepreneurs at Rising Tide Capital. She is a Guide for Chief, facilitating peer group discussions for C-suite women leaders. She is a docent at her local art museum and loves initiating conversations about art. She can’t wait to attend group exercise classes at the gym once again.

Her book is on Amazon: "Introverts in Sales: Turn Your Peaceful Power into a Profitable Selling Machine."


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Introverts in Sales: Turn Your Peaceful Power into a Profitable Selling Machine. Available on Amazon. It’s a handy purse-sized guide for anyone who has to promote herself and sell her ideas. 

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ELEVATE --- Valda Ford & Rochelle Rice

Valda Ford and Rochelle Rice team up to bring you ELEVATE: Practical Content That Inspires! With a combined 50+ years in women’s health, education and empowerment, this vibrant duo is committed to elevating the next generation of women in leadership. Each show features experts from the fields of body, mind and spirit to include psychology, finances and the freedom to be the full expression of yourself as you grow in leadership.

Valda has a Master of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a Master of Nursing Administration from Creighton University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Winston Salem State University. She has worked in 57 countries to improve lives and promote health.

Rochelle has a Master of Individualized Study from New York University and is trained as a Somatic Experience Practitioner. She is a former professional jazz dancer and has studied extensively with Christine Schenk in the CHRIS ® Technique (Cellular Harmonizing Regenerative Integration System).

Both women bring an extensive background from their respective fields of health, wellness, diversity, equity, inclusion, and Health at Every Size ®. Grounded in faith, these two have developed a rich program that highlights the techniques, skills and strategies needed for women to succeed in an ever changing and demanding world. They emphasize the need for women to connect to their bodies as a resource for successful decision making, self-confidence, integrity and authenticity.