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Embodied with Anne Bérubé

A Conversation with Dr. Amanda Eller

  • 1:35:13
  • June 15th 2021

We never know when one small choice will change our lives forever.

For Dr. Amanda Eller, what seemed to be an inconsequential decision to go for a quick morning run turned into a 17-day life-altering ordeal.

In this episode of Embodied, Anne speaks with Amanda, who, back in May 2019, was lost in the Maui jungle for over two weeks. Injured and alone, Amanda relied on her intuition and her background as a physiotherapist to make it out alive. Her remarkable story of survival got lots of press worldwide, but what wasn’t covered by the media was the deeper story, the spiritual experience she went through while she was lost. Not knowing if she would ever make it, Amanda had to surrender it all, including her life. And in that moment, her life changed forever.

In our conversation, she shares what she did to survive, how she managed her fear of suffering, never seeing her family again, and dying, and how the veil between this world and the world of spirit got thinner and thinner as the days went by. Most importantly, she shares the spiritual gifts she brought back with her, powerful medicine she can not forget.

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