A Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert artwork
Embodied with Anne Bérubé

A Conversation with Elizabeth Gilbert

  • 45:19
  • August 14th 2019

Elizabeth Gilbert is a celebrated author and speaker best known for writing Eat Pray Love, Big Magic and City of Girls. In this episode, Anne Berube dives deep with celebrated author and speaker Elizabeth Gilbert about life after loss, brushes with the supernatural, the enormous spectrum of emotionality and the fearlessness that the spirit of creativity demands of us. Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love, Big Magic) has captured the imagination of women around the world with her unique brand of radical authenticity, charm, and humour. You can join her in Nova Scotia this October 2019, for an exciting new event called Soul Tribe Live. (www.soultribe.live). You can support this podcast by visiting soultribehub.com and signing up for a free membership. You'll find exclusive content, including behind the scenes video, meditations, and our virtual book club. Got a question for Anne? You can submit your question, by text, audio, or video at the soultribehub.com. It could be featured on a future episode.

This episode was supported by: Golden Realty Group (www.soldongold.ca) One UP Fitness (www.oneupfitness.ca) Soul Tribe Live (www.soultribe.live) Special thanks to Glass Tiger for the Theme Song, “This Is Your Life.” (www.glasstiger.ca)

Embodied with Anne Bérubé

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