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Empower Hour with Jaresha

Empower Improv for Your Life

  • E98
  • 31:35
  • July 30th 2021

This week Jaresha speaks with Ben Winter who shares insights on how improv can help you be successful in life.

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Empower Hour with Jaresha

Empower Hour with Jaresha is a show that shares the stories behind the journeys of Leaders, Influencers and Motivators. Each show, Jaresha speaks with leaders, influencers and motivators who share their journeys in personal and professional growth, tips, lessons learned and keys of success that will empower you for Growth & Success.

This show is hosted by Jaresha Moore Smith. She is a best selling author, CEO/Owner of Empower on Purpose LLC, Maxwell Leadership Executive Director and Coach, Speaker and Trainer and owner of Envisioned Broadcasting. Visit: www.empoweronpurpose.com and www.envisionedbroadcasting.com

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Jaresha Moore Smith
Host, Best Selling Author, Success & Life Coach, CEO & Owner

My name is Jaresha N. (Moore) Smith and I am a Best-Selling Author, Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, & Trainer, CEO and Owner of Empower on Purpose, LLC(Coaching & Consulting & Leadership Training) and Envisioned Broadcasting Radio.

I help leaders realize their potential and achieve their goals.

I help businesses expand their brand and business through radio and podcast.

I do this because I am passionate about empowering others for growth and success.

I believe that you have the power within you to be, have and do what you want in life. You just have to believe and take action.


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