Equipping Others with Sedika Kebbi


  • S3E2
  • 14:58
  • October 15th 2020

Equipping Others with Sedika Kebbi

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I and Them, Them and I, I discovered at a very early age that my personal growth and others' personal growth are intertwined.

Growing alone leads a person to a deserted place. We have a saying in Lebanon that states, " Heaven without people is unbearable," and since I am a people oriented human being, equipping others has become a necessity for my well-being. I also believe that every single person deserves to grow, especially those drowning in mud, for those have become one of my purposes in life, and I am always ready to step into the mud and lend a helping hand.

"You have to muddy yourself in order to equip others!" Sadika Kebbi

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