Christian Democrats, Nationalism & Covid Conspiracies (S3E7) artwork

Christian Democrats, Nationalism & Covid Conspiracies (S3E7)

  • S1E21
  • 1:26:10
  • August 12th 2021

Kelly Krout, a christian democrat who ran for office in Arkansas, joins April & Jeremy to discuss faith in politics and how faith led them away from their former conservative beliefs.

They also discuss the Covid vaccine, how Christian nationalism is prolonging the pandemic and the ridiculous Covid conspiracies running rampant in conservative circles.

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Weekly YouTube Livestreams on Wednesdays. Featuring TikTok creators Paul Swearengin, Jeremy Coleman and April Ajoy + guests.

Discussing the good, the bad and the ugly of the American evangelical church, deconstruction, faith and God's love through it all. We would love you to join us so we can all grow together in community.

Jeremy Coleman avatar
Jeremy Coleman

 Jeremy is a pastor, speaker, podcaster, and content creator that focuses on challenging, empowering, and educating through the lens of his faith in Jesus. Jeremy's mission is simple, "Love God and people passionately with no strings attached." 

In 2009 Jeremy married his wife Breonna. In 2014 Jeremy and Breonna welcomed their first daughter. They now have 4 children after adopting 2 beautiful girls, and 1 amazing boy in 2019. 

Today, Jeremy is working to serve an amazing online community that started on TikTok. His passion for truly following Jesus is evident in his content and conversations about deconstruction, evangelicalism, current events, and loving our neighbors. 

April Ajoy avatar
April Ajoy

April is a content creator who uses humor to shine light on the harmful, toxic and sometimes just weird traits of American Christianity.

As a preacher's kid, she was deep in conservative evangelicalism. Some of her evangelical highlights include: singing on the Jim Bakker show, working for the 700 Club and leading worship for over a decade.

She now identifies as a "recovering conservative" and is navigating through her own faith deconstruction journey through a comedic lens on social media.

She has been married to her partner, Beecher, for almost 8 years and they have two daughters together.

She and Beecher also host a podcast called The Non-Binary Marriage that shares their journey of accepting Beecher's gender identity as non-binary.

Paul Swearengin avatar
Paul Swearengin

Paul Swearengin is known for asking questions of the church and culture that others are thinking but may not feel they have permission to express. He has a heart for people to know their true value and purpose. 

After being ordained for ministry by the Vineyard Association of Churches, Paul founded and led an evangelical church in Fresno, CA for more than ten years. He chose to leave this position of leadership that he loved to become a creator, author, podcaster and spiritual well-being coach. As “Pastor Paul” on social media, Paul inspires and supports those who are questioning their faith and political views in an era of spiritual and social upheaval.    

Paul served as a long time, popular TV and radio sportscaster and business owner in Central California. His wife, Ashley, and he were inspired by their faith to be a part of transforming their city. They left their careers, and Paul transitioned to full-time ministry while Ashley served as a two-term mayor of the City of Fresno (2008-2016).