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Everyday Samurai Life

Ep07: Logistics And Economics

  • E7
  • 41:43
  • September 2nd 2018

What is the connection between resources and readiness? Do you know why Sun Tzu talked so much about logistics and calculations? Every warrior needs a basic understanding of economics, the science of cause & effect in the material world. Your security depends upon it!

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Everyday Samurai Life

In service to securing your liberty and the security of a free state! A former cop and military combat veteran examines samurai related martial arts, personal empowerment, and the principles of political economy as a path to liberation.

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Ken Yamarashi

Ken Yamarashi is the host of the popular Everyday Samurai podcast, dedicated to the intersection of liberty, security, mindset, martial arts, and political economy. With each episode, Ken explores complex themes with an insightful and accessible approach, engaging his audience in thought-provoking discussions in order to build a community of "enlightened warriors" that are in service to liberty and the security of a Free State.

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