April 11, 2021 New Moon Oracle & Self-Healing Channeled Guided Astral Meditation-Crystalline Body Activation & Energy RESET artwork
Evolve Now, Lightworkers! With Infiniti

April 11, 2021 New Moon Oracle & Self-Healing Channeled Guided Astral Meditation-Crystalline Body Activation & Energy RESET

  • S2E127
  • 1:11:01
  • April 12th 2021

Hello Lovely Soul,

It's April 11, 2021-Happy New Moon!


As usual, it's GAIA running the show and taking us through this self-healing practice.

We tap into and work with our main 7 Chakras, our Guardian & Archangels.

We tap into all the elements and receive pulses of like to activate our Crystalline BODY & DNA, we receive LIGHT CODES, work with THE SUN & THE NEW MOON ENERGIES for an ENERGY RESET!

I hope that you enjoy this meditation as much as I did, and you feel the effects right away and for the hours and days to come.

Make sure you set your space with candles, flower essences, incense & crystals. Set your intention to:

Release, Receive, Remember, Rise

This meditation can be done at any time of the day, and it is encouraged to do it more than once.

Don't forget to tap into the last bit of this meditation before you go to sleep.

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The video is still uploading as I release this podcast. It should be viewable by 10PM Pacific 4.11.2021

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Love, Health & Wealth,



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Evolve Now, Lightworkers! With Infiniti

Infiniti is a Lightworker who is here to help fellow Lightworker's remember their Divine Soul Missions, to discover their true self and Souls, to help by healing the physical body and to connect to their Soul and Spirit Tribes by her Divine Connections.

She cured herself from Fibromyalgia, with the Divine Guidance of her Spirit Tribe in just a few seconds nearly 10 years ago. Now, she aims to cure Fibromyalgia for others, especially Parents so they can get back to their kids, and families in full capacity.

She is a powerful Medical Medium, Psychic Physical Empath, Natural Quantum Distance Healer working with Infinite Love Light Energy. She is also a Divine Channel and a Divinely Guided Artist.

She works with Lightworker's-offering everyone a FREE 45 minute Evaluation & Consultation for every Lightworker who fills out a questionnaire and qualifies.

This (long in the works podcast) is an extension of what she's been doing on her YouTube Channel, Infinite Love Light Energy, which include all of the following topics, however on the show, Infiniti looks forward to having many amazing GUESTS TO TALK about Spirituality, Awakening, Universal Understanding and of course, being an Evolving Lightworker! She'll also have shows for calling in to ask questions.

Topics To Look For:

Energy Updates, Ascension, Using Divination Tools like Tarot & Oracle Cards & Readings, Guided Meditation, Natural DMT & Merkabah Activations, Synchronicities, Divine Channeling, Knowing Divine Beings, Being An Incarnate Light Body, The Creative Process, Being A Divine Artist & Creator, Art, The Material Matrix, The Abundance Matrix, Magic, Other Realms & Dimensions. What it's like to be a Healer-natural or trained, Reiki, Yoga, Nature, any and all Holistic Modalities, Vegetarianism, Veganism, Animal Rights, Human Rights, Being In Service, The Truth about Climate Change, Religion vs Spirituality, Metaphysics & Universal Laws-just to name a few topics we'll be getting into deep here!

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