Ep. 83, Meditation 5.20.2020 - The Healing Temple - The Cord Cutting/Energy Detachment.  artwork
Evolve Now, Lightworkers! With Infiniti

Ep. 83, Meditation 5.20.2020 - The Healing Temple - The Cord Cutting/Energy Detachment.

  • S1E83
  • 1:59:14
  • May 21st 2020

Hello Soul Family, 

Here is The Cord Cutting Meditation. The meditation starts around 30 minutes in. But please listen to the entire thing. The meditation is about 90 minutes, but definitely doesn't feel like it.

We go into the highest of dimensions to facilitate this healing. I prepared a long time before getting the space ready to do this, and WOW it was so beautiful and even more amazing than I thought it was going to be….This is a very powerful and life changing meditation when properly done and when you are prepared to do it. This meditation is to be done before going to sleep for the night. 

You may want to listen to this entire meditation before deciding to do it so you are familiar with what happens, as many people are apprehensive to do a Cord Cutting. However, I feel confident when I say, that the chances of you wanting to get back to do it again SOON, for another cord is very high. Even though the idea may sound painful or scary, and something to fear, I guarantee you that this meditation will leave you feeling SUPER CHARGED WITH LOVE and EMPOWERED. 

Please make sure that you are not going to sleep on an empty stomach. This meditation will transmute and work with a lot of energy, you don’t want to be distracted with hunger when in this mediation or after. 

Trust me when I say that setting yourself up to do this meditation around on on The New Moon on Friday is exactly how this was meant to be. So, if you do this on the day it’s published, on The New Moon, or any time beyond-know that this meditation came in with the frequencies and energy of The New Moon, further amplifying the divine connections and the healing you will experience. 

This entire year is about deconstruction, construction, healing, becoming more authentic, understanding the REAL realities of life and our place in it, and CUTTING CORDS/DETACHMENT in the truest and purest and most loving of ways, how it is done here-is another important tool meant for us to use to help on our journey. 

This meditation will be the FIRST that is showcased on my FORUM area of my WEBSITE, TheHealingButterfly.org I set up the forum a while ago but haven’t done anything with it myself, but this is a perfect time to begin to engage and support each other. 

Please go there to share your experiences about this meditation, what you felt like before, during and after. It’s always nice to share stories and read others experiences. 

Please continue to support your Brothers and Sisters of The Light that have done this meditation by participating and joining the conversation in The Forum. 

Here’s the link. Don’t be shy, it’s a safe place and I’ll be there with you!


It was a blessing and a privilege to facilitate this meditation. 

Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love. 


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