Ep. 91, Meditation 5.27.2020 - Before Bed-Connecting With Spirit Guides artwork
Evolve Now, Lightworkers! With Infiniti

Ep. 91, Meditation 5.27.2020 - Before Bed-Connecting With Spirit Guides

  • S1E91
  • 41:33
  • September 27th 2022

Hello Soul Family, I'm SO happy to bring you this meditation it's my blessing to facilitate this way of connecting to any and all of your Spirit Tribe. Definitely no coincidence that we got The Isle of Wonders directly before this! I hope you listened to that message. If not, please do before doing this meditation.

You will be guided to a very soft and beautiful, natural space to connect with any and all of your Spirit Tribe. Any and all Spirit Guides.

This would include your direct Guardian Angeles, The Archangels, The Galactics, Dragons, GAIA herself, any Ascended Masters, your friends and family that have crossed over from this or any other life, your own soul aspects, Animal Guides, your Higher & Highest Self Aspects.

I talk about this a bit before we get into the meditation. If you are uncertain about getting into this, then just take a listen to the meditation first so you're fully relaxed.

It's important to know that ONLY those of The Light, those of The High Council and those that are fully in support of you are able to connect with you when you do this practice.


While you are in astral, traveling to higher dimensions and working there with your guides and guardians-your physical body is working on getting prepared and further transmuting energy, getting ready for upgrades, adjusting to the vibrations your working with in Astral, as they travel down the cord into your body as your Soul rises.

Physically you'll be working with various Angelics to help assist you physically. So, just open up to feeling better on every level as you do this practice. We go over this in the meditation.

It's very important to be open to connecting, and letting of what you think you know and just allow for your guides to come to you.

You'll only be met by those who LOVE you and are meant to connect with you at this time.

Make sure you have something prepared to document what transpires, to the best of your ability, but DO NOT be disappointed if you don't remember things super clearly, especially this first time.

We're not always meant to remember much of our astral time because it would take up too much time, but we are meant to remember certain things at certain times, so have your net ready to catch it.

And always, "I release, and I receive" and you will.

Sweet Dreams Dear One, and

Live In Love. 


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