Ep. 95, Music & Meditation - Fire Twins Activation artwork
Evolve Now, Lightworkers! With Infiniti

Ep. 95, Music & Meditation - Fire Twins Activation

  • S1E95
  • 13:46
  • June 1st 2020

Soul Family, I was guided to bring you these frequencies for “The Fire Twins Activations” as we enter into the month of June, Gemini-The Twins. The Twin Soul Code Stargate: Frequencies incoming for ALL Lightbody Souls, those with or without Twins incarnate. This comes off of the heals of “The Mirror Stargate” as we experienced with the May Stargate and throughout May. 

June brings us many very important events: Lunar Eclipse-Full Moon in Sagittarius on 6.5.2020 , 12:12 PM Pacific, STARGATE “The Fire Twins Gate” 6.6.2020-6.16.2020, begins at 12:00 AM, Summer Solstice, June 20, 2020. 2:43 PM Pacific, Annular Solar Eclipse (Ring of Fire) June 21, 2020. 

VENUS (Love, Passion, Creativity, Feminine & Money) in Retrograde in Gemini, 5.13.2020-6.25.2020

MURCURY (Perspective, Communication & Logic) Retrograde in Cancer, 6.18-7.12.2020

*Fire Twins: Meaning the dance of energies between Gemini Twins & Air with Sagittarius Centaur & Fire (or representing The Physical Body & Fire (LIFE FORCE). Through 2027 we have consistent Gemini/Sagittarius New/Full Moon Portal Combinations. June 2027 will be REALLY interesting for the collective…Well, ALL of 2027 will be, but let’s not get TOO far out there. We still have half of 2020 to deal with and June is a DOOZY! As you can see. 

And on 5.13.2020 we ALSO entered the new Lunar North & South Nodes, transitioning from Capricorn & Cancer to Gemini & Sagittarius and it will remain that way for the next 18 months. 

This is significant for the energies of Soul Integration and Recognition in The Light Body Collective. Especially these next 6 months, throughout the rest of 2020. Foundations for interpersonal relationships WITHOUT cords connected to lower timelines keeping us in fear and hiding from intimacy and love is CRUCIAL for a successful transition to the highest possible timelines in the future with your Soul Group/Soul Mates/Twin Flames. 

In tomorrow’s LIVE on YouTube “Infiniti-The Healing Butterfly” at 1:10PM Pacific, 6.1.2020 we’ll be going over ALL of that and why this is SUCH a significant time for humanity and our Light Body collective for upgrades, downloads, activations & integrations. As well as revelations, channeling, light language transmissions, astral travel, healing, and Soul connections like Soul Groups, Soulmates & Twin Flames.

PRIOR to the NEXT two MAJOR Stargate’s July “The Dragon’s Gate” 7.7-7.17 2020 this is the “Spiritual Activator” & August “The Lion’s Gate” 8.8-8.18. 2020 is a The Convergence Portal, when we collapse outdated timelines and are able to slip through dimensions, and use alchemical symbols and energies to jump and skip onto higher timelines while integrating and balancing out the energies of The Divine Feminine & The Divine Masculine.

So, let us prepare and begin a couple of months ahead with JUNE. Please follow this link to go to the podcast forum and get your meditation instructions to go with the music!


Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love. 


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