Interview with Folk Witch and Astrologer Amaya Rourke artwork
Fabulous Folklore with Icy

Interview with Folk Witch and Astrologer Amaya Rourke

  • 46:48
  • October 6th 2021

In this very first interview-based episode of Fabulous Folklore, I chat to astrologer and folk witch Amaya Rourke!

We talk about Hellenistic astrology and its connection to mythology, the importance of folklore and how/why it binds us, and Amaya relates the somewhat horrifying tale of Fairy Tell True.

Amaya is an animist, folk witch, astrological magician, and folk herbalist, who is fascinated both by our natural world and the hypnotic night sky.

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The regular 15min episodes will continue, this is just a new format that I'm adding on a bimonthly basis!

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