Claire Rose: The Pros of PRS For Music artwork
Fair Pay for Every Play

Claire Rose: The Pros of PRS For Music

  • S1E13
  • 18:37
  • September 2nd 2021

In this episode, Claire Rose joins host, Kristian Luoma, to talk about the UK music royalty collection society, PRS For Music. In her role as Outreach Manager, Claire and her team provide support to songwriters, composers and publishers throughout their musical careers, and ensure that they receive royalty payments that they have earned from the performance of their music.

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Fair Pay for Every Play

Welcome to Fair Pay for Ever Play!

Music is incredible. It can excite hundreds, and unite thousands. But as an Industry, it has been slow, complicated, and disparate. While the tech world has moved into the future, the music industry continues to be shaped by inefficient systems of the past.

Join our journey in this podcast to explore how new music technology can result in to a more fair and transparent royalties distributions for the entire industry.

Through the conversations with music industry professionals working as artists, writers, collection societies, publishers, labels or otherwise having an influence on music technology we hope to have more context on how music royalties work like in real life and discover best practices on how we can together help unlock value in music, the industry we all love and hold dear.

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